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Mapping Media &
Religious Practices

Literacy: connecting media theory and theological reflection
Literacy: navigating hybrid and digital cultures

This classroom activity by Mary Hess is intended to get participants reflecting on the similarities and differences between their engagement with media practices on the one hand and religious practices on the other. The use of mapping as a framing device makes the exercise more concrete and grounds the reflection in everyday patterns of life.


This exercise is a way to think about your own use of media, and your own use of religious symbolism. On a sheet of paper, draw a diagram of where you live (a little blueprint of sorts) and then note where you encounter media. Next, use a different set of colors or symbols on the same drawing to note where you encounter religious symbols and/or the sacred in your home.

When you have finished your drawing, we’ll gather in trios to talk about any of the following questions intrigue you, and then we’ll share more in the large group.

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Mapping media & religious practices

Photo: “Drawing artist and Dr. Seuss” by Tamarcus Brown via Unsplash (CC0)

Background image: “Make your mark on the Map” by Kelsey Knight via Unsplash (CC0).