Teaching Practices, Model Assignments

Faith Activities

Literacy: creating and curating faith-based media artifacts
Literacy: navigating hybrid and digital cultures

Your modeling of digitally mediated teaching and learning with be especially valuable to your students in their capacity as leaders of faith formation ministries.

This quick challenge sends your students to several respected collections of online/at-home faith activities to evaluate their possible use in a setting of the student’s choice. You may want to assign some or all of the reading/viewing at right to get your students thinking about the joys and challenges of what we call “hybrid faith formation.”


Questions to consider as you prepare your evaluation include the following:

(1) Are the faith activities appropriate for the audience they’re intended for (young family, teen family, adult / couple, etc.)?
(2) Does the write-up clearly and accessibly describe the activity?
(3) Does the theology underlying the activity seem appropriate for your context?
(4) What changes/adjustments might you suggest if you were recommending this activity?

(This link requires a Google account. It will prompt you to make a clean copy of the document that you can then edit according to your needs.)

A well-known video exploring learning motivation and setting up why self-guided online learning can be so powerful.

Photo by Brandon Lopez on Unsplash