Model Assignment

for a Cause

Literacy: maintaining a posture of experimentation
Literacy: presenting authentically and pastorally online

This crowdfunding assignment has been successfully launched by Adam Copeland in seminary classes that approach fundraising, stewardship, and digital ministry. More broadly, it may push students to expand skills in digital rhetoric, deal with (possible) failure, and enter the public square with a faith-related message.

Adam has used it as an optional praxis-oriented final assignment, paired with another more analytical assignment option.


This project requires you to plan, design, and implement a crowdfunding campaign using a digital platform of your choosing such as Indiegogo, Crowdrise, GoFundMe, WeRaise, etc. The campaign may in partnership with others (e.g. a congregation or non-profit) or may be more personal in nature (e.g. raising money for you to buy books or attend an international seminary; adopt a child, support a favorite ministry, etc.). You may work in group(s) or individually.

Background image: “Credit Card Chip” by kuhnmi via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)