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A Case Study in
Online Community

Literacy: convening hybrid and digital community
Literacy: navigating hybrid and digital cultures

This classroom activity about online community by Kyle Oliver provides that important but often elusive resource need for preparing students for online innovation: a concrete example of a church community using digital tools effectively.

The Slate Project got lots of people’s attention when they started gathering a diverse community of mostly young adults talking about pressing issues of faith and social justice.


Your challenge for today is to learn as much as you can about The Slate Project and their approach to being church, with particular emphasis on online community. The following handles and hashtags may be useful:







(This link requires a Google account. It will prompt you to make a clean copy of the document that you can then edit according to your needs.)

Slate Project screenshot - online community

This activity helps students explore online community through the practices of an innovative church plant called The Slate Project.

Background image: “Info” by Slava Bowman via Unsplash (CC0)